Michelle Obama: ‘Florida Shooting Is Clearly Trump’s Fault, These Shootings Are Happening Constantly Since He Became Our President.We Must Protect Our Children From This Tyrant”Do You Support Her?’

Previous First Lady Michelle Obama had some harsh comments for men in general with respect to how they are raised. Obama stated her remarks in Chicago amid the Obama Foundation worldwide event. First she mentioned the shooting in Florida and stated: “This is clearly our president’s fault. These shootings are happening …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘We Have To Be Against Any Trump’s Decision, It Doesn’t Matter If…’

Recently in a meeting with the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who supported impeachment articles against President Donald Trump, stated that “Trump derangement syndrome” was so solid that he would be compelled to restrict Mother’s Day only because Trump endorsed it. Schwarzenegger stated, “Then we have a Trump derangement syndrome where …

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NBA Legend Dennis Rodman: ‘Donald Trump Is A True Friend For Many Years. We Don’t Need Another Politician, We Need A Businessman Like Mr. Trump! And We Have To Show Some Respect To A Man That Loves His Country More Than Anything,””Do You Support?

As Donald Trump’s presidential activity is criticized from every possible side, the leader of the United States gained siupport of a huge celebritiy with involvement in worldwide diplomacy: NBA hall-of-famer Dennis Rodman. Rodman tweeted, before the election, his support to his great friend… “@realDonaldTrump has been a great friend for …

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