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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson: Trump Is A Neo-Nazi Jerk, We Have To Fight Against Him Together. He Is A Traitor And His Wife Ii Just Disgusting” What Would You Say Ho Her?

Paris Jackson, the daughter of music legend Michael Jackson, appeared recently on MTV Video Music Awards to make fun of President Donald Trump and state that he is a part of the “neo-nazi jerks and white supremacists.” “If we were to all put our voices together, do you realize the difference …

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Actor Tom Hanks: ‘Trump Is Monkeying Around With Our Constitution, He Brought Us To A Level Where…’

n a meeting with David Axelrod for CNN’s “The Axe Files,” movie star Tom Hanks stated that it “concerns” how President Donald Trump is treating the press. s per Hanks, the Trump organization’s “insidious” conduct to “denigrate” outlets like CNN and The Washington Post assists “plan and agenda filled” foundations. “As an American, it concerns me, because it’s …

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